Motivational Tampons: NO

by Jinryu


            Now, anyone who has known me for five minutes can tell you: I am not a violent person. I’m not prone to throwing things, punching people, or flipping out for no reason. But you know how there are certain situations that add insult to injury? Your hackles raise, and you might fly off the handle a bit? Well, this morning, I find myself in just such a situation.

            First, they arrived with a smiley face, and I did not say a word. Now, they’re come with inspirational sayings, and I can’t keep quiet any longer. TMI: I have my period. As such, I grabbed a handful of tampons this morning. Maybe I’ve been living under a blissful, chocolate-laden rock – but when in the holy hell of Ohio’s hellmouth did tampon companies start writing motivational saying on tampon wrappers? I mean, they are aware…

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