Burnt Bridges and Beta Testing

by Jinryu

WOW This is the most confusing, repetitive, and time intensive process I have ever done with FF. I have synch codes on both devices now and nowhere to put them. Does it work? Will this show up as a synch option on my droid phone? (home >setings > Accounts and Synch) -Forum User


Very apparently, I am not the only person who thinks that Firefox’s sync methodology is absolutely retarded.




When you’re growing up, people, especially your parents, will tell you “Don’t pay attention to what people say about you.”

There’s a lot of useful good results that can come from that attitude– especially if, like I was when I was younger, I was often worried about where I fit into a crowd.


But on the other hand, you do need to pay attention to what people are saying in a lot of situations because you need feedback to get better.  Sure, haters are gonna hate– but once I get over the emotional reflex of being insulted or belittled, the next step is to disintegrate what was said to me: is there something useful in there?



Some of the best companies out there are the ones who make use of focus groups and “beta testers” to see if what they want to sell to the world will really fly.  The more successful the feedback process pre-release, the better the public will receive and adopt the product.  It comes down to doing one’s homework.




In this day and age, there is no reason why a widely available (and popular) web browser like Firefox should have a feature like “Sync” that is as ridiculously hard to set up as it is.

Anecdotally, it reminds me of when I’m correcting the essays of first semester students who I tutor.  Sometimes, they hand in essays to me that lack punctuation, that have obvious spelling mistakes (which a spellcheck would see instantly) and with incomplete sentences.  What does this make me feel?

It makes me feel that my time is being taken lightly.  It makes me feel like the person handing me this piece of shit thinks it’s my job to deal with it.  It makes me feel that the person doesn’t give a damn about giving me quality– they just want my favour to get them ahead.  Actually, sometimes even people in my stage of studies hand me shit to correct for them, and I think to myself: are you kidding me?  Write an essay first, and then I’ll correct it.  This is not an essay.

It feels like betrayal.  It feels like I’m being taken for a fool.


This feeling is very similar to watching a recent episode of Naruto or Bleach.  It’s also similar to playing a video game which clearly isn’t polished, either because it has bugs, or because even without bugs, it just handles terribly in a way that you know if they’d only beta tested it and paid attention to the feedback, it wouldn’t be that way.




Obviously, everyone wants to be popular, or they want their work to score well, or whatever– but do they want their work to be appraised truthfully?  If they do, they better put in their hard work and effort before sending it in for appraisal.



Do you ever feel that there’s something that should so obviously be done better that you can’t understand why it is the way it is?  Where something is so bad that you just feel insulted that it’s there in front of you?