What’s your point?

by Jinryu

Kinokuniya is one of my favourite bookstores in Sydney Australia.  Aside from having a pretty good English collection, it also has a substantial collection of books in Japanese.  Being more of a “library” person, I only stop  by to read without buying.  But in any case.

Have you ever stopped to really think about what marketing or advertising is trying to tell you?  About what “the message” is supposed to be?

This is what their shop display looked like a couple of weeks ago:


So… yeah.

  • What about the fact that a store exists (or more importantly, still existsis supposed to make me want to go into the shop?
  • Was there any doubt that bookstores still existed?  Was anybody trying to say otherwise?
  • Is this bookstore more real than other bookstores?
  • … is a bookstore defined by how many For Dummies Books it carries?

I’m just saying that it constantly goes through my head that I don’t understand marketing.  Or rather… I understand that it works somehow, I just don’t understand why people build brand appreciation by reacting to completely meaningless assertions.