Things that Every Consumer Should Know

by Jinryu

These are based on Australian consumer laws, but in most cases Australian laws are very close to those of the UK, Canada, and United States.  These are just some general ideas that everyone should know when buying things.

  • A business is not allowed to refuse your $50 or $100 bill notes.  They might try because they don’t like giving that much change or they don’t know how to check if it’s counterfeit or not– but to refuse legal tender is, in most countries, simply against the law.  It’s not your problem that they’re paranoid.
  • When you buy something in a store and it doesn’t work, you have the right to demand an exchange or refund on the spot.  None of this bullshit about how they or you have to send it back to the manufacturer (and wait a few weeks).  And none of this bullshit about how they’re not responsible for the things they sell– they are.  If they gave you something deffective in exchange for good money, and they have replacements right there in that store, or the cash to refund you, why shouldn’t you get what you paid for?  Let them send one back to the manufacturer and make their money back later, but in the meantime, you deserve working goods or your cash right then and there.
  • You cannot force a client to be refunded only in store credit if it was a refund for defective goods.
  • If a product is meant to be used a certain way but a sales rep tells you definitively that it can be used a certain way differently, that store is liable for the product not doing what the sales rep told you it would do.  Basically: a sales rep can never induce you to buying something by misleading or deceiving you, and if he/she does, you are entitled to make them pay for it.