On the Bright Side

by Jinryu

  • My knee’s lateral collateral ligament is a lot less angry at me today.  But that’s what over 2000 milligrams of ibuprofen, ice, and having my elevated on an overturned laundry basket (while I lie on my back on the living room floor or in bed to do work on my netbook) for a couple of days will do for you.  Frankly, considering how the morning after the injury I couldn’t even walk, I’m really surprised at how fast it’s recovering: today, I can bend my knee almost normally, I can walk quickly and without a cane for support.  No, I’m not going to try running or judo for at least a few more days.
  • I got the printer working with my netbook last week, which is a huge boon because normally, Linux just hates peripherals, period.  Well, more like, Linux hates hardware and will almost never make anything easy for you.  I sometimes wonder why I don’t just go back to Windows, but then I remember: I’m a solicitor in training, and one of the areas I enjoy working in is intellectual property (including copyrights).  I’d be kind of a dick if I was still pirating as much as I was when I was genuinely poor.  That, and every time I boot up a machine with Windows and it takes me more than a minute or two, it makes me cringe a little.
  • I should add that no, we didn’t buy a printer that we couldn’t use– but {CM]’s laptop, which does run Windows (and interfaces with the printer perfectly) is with her in Canada for the next couple of weeks.  So I’ve had to fend off the wolves for myself for the last little while.  GIven that I have to do research for three research papers, one of which is due in two weeks, having a printer is helpful.
  • I’ve finally gotten off my ass and decided to sell a crapload of older PS3 games.  It’s not difficult to do– it’s just a matter of getting it all lined up and writing it all down into a Craigslist ad.
  • I finally got through all the essay questions for a job application– the tough part has been reducing the essays to 200 words or less, which is the limit for each question.  The questions are, in my opinion, huge questions, in the sense that they’re so broad that you’d be able to write a 5000 word essay to answer them.  Once [DilligentB] writes back with her comments, I’ll be finalising that application.
  • I started reading the College of Law materials for class next week, and was pleasantly surprised– the materials are very practical and deal with things which, in my opinion, should be taught in universities at the very beginning of the program.  There are a lot of things, such as how to draft advice and legal correspondence, that I had to look like an idiot and learn on the job.  It would have saved me a lot of trouble if I had just learned these things early on before getting part time legal work.  But I guess that’s the whole point of this “Practical Legal Training” prerequisite to our licensing.  That said, I think I’ll enjoy these courses a lot more than the uni classes, which have been way too theoretical and detached from actual practice for my tastes.
  • I got a 20$ gift certificate from the local supermarket today, because I spent 102.53$.  Yes, I had to spend 100 bucks to get 20 bucks back, and it wasn’t easy to buy 100 dollars worth, let me tell you– but I managed to stock up on neccesities like dishwashing tablets and cell phone credit, which I can use as needed.