by Jinryu

Mansplaining:great idea lol

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There’s no way to put it nicely. Cosmo is a Mansplainer. It’s both kind of cute and kind of annoying. And it’s glaringly obvious (except to him of course) that it’s a result of his white male privilege.

He doesn’t mind me telling him to stop mansplaining when he’s mansplaining something that I already understand. Of course it’s on him not to be offended if I tell him not to explain something I already know. But then there’s the kind of mansplaining where he’s talking about his favourite hobby in minute detail. And of course I’m polite so I express great interest his hobbies even when I don’t want to. But I notice he doesn’t return the favour when it comes to my own hobbies. In fact, he makes it quite clear that he’s not interested in some of the things I do.

I’m not complaining, I don’t mind it because…

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