Google News feeds

by Jinryu

Google Currents was not terrible, but Play Newsstand, which is supposed to replace it, is a price of shit.

The interface is terrible. Its super frustrating to customise. And most uselessly, offline mode reading is buggy and very hard to configure.

App developers should stop being lazy and assuming that everyone wants to go ahead and use mobile data all the time. News feed reading is more than easily done with old school downloads for offline reading.

I can’t help but get angry at people who pay ridiculous phone bills for data and think its normal…in my opinion, there is absolutely no reason to pay over 40 dollars a month for any plan. There is so much WiFi out there nowadays! I live in sydney, one of the most expensive cities in the world– I use almost a gig per day and I pay about 40 dollars every three months.

It is not normal for apps to be accessing mobile internet constantly when they have no business doing so.  Its only normal because these people are living in excess and its driving the market to take advantage of their lack of oversight.