Sydney Heat

by Jinryu

In spite of my last post, I’ve been pretty productive today.

It’s been difficult so far to keep up with my summer class because the school bookstore didn’t order enough books.  For a class of 40, the bookstore had purchased 7 copies, which is simply retarded– more than half of the class doesn’t have books yet, and it’s an intensive class which will be over in a little over a week.  So waiting a few days for a book to arrive is just a painful option.

My university doesn’t seem to have the book in the library either, so that’s out the window.  Thankfully, there is at least a copy of the textbook at [CM]’s library in the 2-hour short loan section.  I’ve been here for the whole morning reading the textbook.

I can’t say it’s convenient for me to come to a library to read something in person, but this uni is only about 10 minutes away on bike.  And unlike the apartment, the library is air conditioned, which is a definite plus given that it’s almost 40 degrees Celsius in Sydney right now.


As a Montreal Canadian, the heat in Sydney is really killing me.  I think it has a very direct effect on my mood and productivity.


Just revised my CV.  It’s rather annoying, but it feels like I have to do this like once a month. I do have to change things because new things come up that should be added in, but I wonder if the CV as a whole is actually getting better in some quantifyable way.


I’m a bit annoyed that WiFi on my linux running netbook doesn’t seem to like the university connections.  I have no problems anywhere else when on home networks, but something about the way that UNSW and USyd do things with VPNs just makes my wifi connections go batshit insane, and they don’t work.  Partly it’s probably because the university doesn’t have great support for linux OSes, but that shouldn’t affect much– the main problem is probably on my OS side.  Too many options for protocols and whatnots that the university doesn’t really tell you what to chose from, because they just assume it should just work with automatic settings on everything.

I think that this is probably the big reason why even as friendly a distro as Mint (which I’m using) isn’t going to take as much market share as Windows or Apple; they can’t get the simple shit like a wifi connection working with a few clicks.

I don’t think that’s the way things should be nowadays– with my smartphone, username and password are all I need and things just work.  That’s the way it should be.


Going to be submitting an application to a tenancy law job later today.  Wish me luck.