6 kilos of flesh

by Jinryu

While I was in Sydney, I gained about 6 kilogams of weight.

Yes, that’s quite a lot of gain for one month. To put it in perspective though, my lifestyle changed quite a bit. In Sydney before the internship, I biked 20km per day on school days, and I also attended 2.5 hour judo classes at least twice a week.

In Hong Kong, I sat at a desk every day, ate lunch out downtown, and either went out for dinner or had a square home cooked dinner waiting fo me every evening. Zero exercise.

So yeah, I gained some weight.

Getting no exercise was partially part of the plan I guess. Before I left for Hong Kong, a last visit to my physiotherapist had my workout topped up with extra things to do over the month away. The month of working the internship was, yes, primarily for the internship per se, but the side effect was that I would have no time to exercise and that would be a good thing: my body needed a chance to recover fully.

One month later?

Unfortunately, it seems like my injuries are longer than the one month sort… my shoulder is better, but it is still weak and I predict that it will be prone to injury.

I went running for the last three days in a row, and the results there weren’t so good either. I’d gone jogging a few times in Hong Kong with [CM] and things were okay, but after coming back to Sydney I find that my ankle hasn’t improved very much at all. Running had me feeling a soreness between my inside ankle bone and my achiles tendon, some sort of strange tightness that’s been there (and hasn’t improved much) since the initial injury’s swelling went down. I still feel that, when running more than 2 kilometers, my ankle starts to get tired really easily and then the chain of compensation starts to tire out my knee and hip as well.

I was doing my physio exercises in Hong Kong– but I was doing more of nothing than actually sticking to the routine, thinking that perhaps extra recovery might be better than more physio.

I guess I got the balance wrong, because while I have seen improvement, it hasn’t been as substantial as I had hoped.

But there’s time to get it right I suppose– Physiotherapy is a new thing to me. I’m just happy that it actually seems to work– I just need to figure out the right intensity of doing things and how to balance the regimen with rest. Hong Kong was too much rest perhaps– but I only say “too much” with the goal in mind of getting my ankle back to 100% condition.

Truthfully, it’s probably not going to happen. That ankle roll during the last competition isn’t the first time I’ve injured this ankle, and I think it might be related to previous injuries– this one might be a bit more permanent than I’d hoped. Even now as I type this, I’ve got my legs crossed and my ankle is feeling a bit sore and strained from the way I’m sitting.

And my shoulder? Well… that’s been bugging me for years. The injury to that from judo was certainly bad, but it’s a lot like what happened when I was playing more badminton. When [CM] comes back, we’re going to try something though– I’m going to see if I can relearn badminton, left handed.

It sounds nuts, I know. But my left side is still in relatively good shape. Right side? Shoulder, wrist, ankle, knee…. well. Lets just say you could probably guess I’m a righty just from my x-rays and ultrasounds.

On the plus side, my right knee seems to be doing much better– dare I say, it actually feels more normal than it’s felt in months (knock on wood) thanks to the physio. Also, my broken shin bone has healed up nicely– the swelling finally stopped about two weeks ago, and there is no longer any settled bruising at the bottom of my foot. It was the strangest thing Because I’ve never had it that bad before– I would get home from work and be taking off my socks and realise that my lower leg actually looked dented, because the area where my sock was applying pressure to my foot up to about the ankle (my shin injury was lower shin, a bit higher than where the sockline would end). The “socked area” looked normal, but at the sock line you’d just have the rest of my leg which seemed to be significantly and suddenly thicker than where my sock stopped. Yes, my shin was still swollen, even about a month and a half after the initial injury. But that’s all done with now, and I’m glad for that.

I’ve still got some time off before summer school starts (It’s summer here in Sydney). Judo probably starts tomorrow, so I’ll go there and take it easy, and try to work this body back into the routine. It’s nice to live it up like a high roller and get fat, but that’s frankly not my style.