by Jinryu

So far, I’ve been moderately productive for today.

  • I’ve booked a removalist to take care of things for the move.  And… huh.  I just realised that “removalist” isn’t in the browser’s spellchecker.  I’m used to that happening for “British” spelling to begin with, but I guess it’s just not a word that’s used back home.  I guess I’ll just call them “movers.”  It’s surprising how much prices vary for these things– lets just hope that getting the better price doesn’t mean that all our stuff is going to end up in pieces when we get to the new apartment!
  • I managed to get the internet transfer set up.  Same thing– it’s surprising how much internet costs, and how many hidden costs there are to everything.  Anything worth value is on a contractual basis, which is pretty annoying– and most contracts are for two years.  Even moving your account to a new apartment– 150$ transfer fee, right there! Highway robbery I tell you.
  • Paid the last electricity bill– now just waiting on them to call be back so that I can open up electricity and gas at the new place.  I’m actually really excited to have gas at the new place– I am so over using  shitting electric ranges to try and cook.  If you want to cook with a wok, it doesn’t work unless you have fire.
  • Wohoo!! I just got the okay from a professor who is willing to supervise my research thesis.  Email just came in a few seconds ago. That’s good news. Now all I need to do is come up with a topic.  Australia recently passed some reforms to the privacy laws– perhaps I will work on something in the area of how that affects offshore data processing and storage…?


  • Our current rental agency still has to call me back to let me know how to move out.  We need to get our deposit back, for one thing.
  • Electric company has to call me back so we can figure out how to get the new apartment powered.


  • Mentally, I’m not really in gear to do exams yet. With all the stuff with moving coming up, I’ve been putting off finals preparation.  I guess I still have about 10 days, but when you think about that, it’s really coming up.  I guess I’ll have more energy now that the moving arrangements are mostly settled.
  • I’m a bit stressed because [CM] is stressed, but I guess that’s just how things are going to be.  Between the move and exams, we’ve got a lot on our plate right now.
  • Shoulder is in pretty good condition.  There’s still a few degrees where I can’t use it all that well, but for the most part, I’ve regained the majority of the functions.  I am still noticibly weaker pulling in certain directions, but for the most part, I’m just glad that it’s recovering properly.  It’s not quite in pre-injury condition (that is to say, my condition about 4 months ago) but it’s pretty workable, all things considered.
  • My knee has returned to “normal condition,” which is to say, my condition before I injured it about two weeks ago.  Happy times.
  • My ankle is still not perfect, but it’s much better than a couple of weeks ago.  There’s still a lot of bruising in the area, but all the swelling is gone and I’m now able to jog and run without an ankle brace.  Doing judo with the brace on is a bit restrictive because it makes it pretty difficult to stay springy or use my calf muscles much, but I guess that’s the point– the brace I got is a lace-up and tripple strapping setup that keeps it relatively rigid and keeps me from rolling the ankle accidentally.
  • The injury to my tibia is no longer swollen, but it still hurts if i poke it directly with even a little bit of force.  It’s not broken clean or anything, but the bone is definitely at least badly bruised and, at worst, probably has some sort of hairline fractures.  This one is healing well as well.
  • Some of my fingers hurt like hell, but as long as I can type comfortably, I consider them in okay condition.



  • [SiB] was evicted from his apartment! I’ve never known anyone who was evicted before.  He may or may not be sued.  The eviction was the result of one of his roomies failing to pay rent. We’ll see how that goes– from a legal perspective I’m pretty interested, but I’m also interested in how it plays out since my family rents out property back in Montreal as well.
  • My family in the Philippines is all fine– apparently, they had one of the planet’s worst typhoons just recently, and  it practically wiped out my mom’s hometown.  A lot of my mom’s side of the family still lives in that area.  More details will probably follow in the weeks to come, but there is a hella lot of property damage.  In a country as corrupt and as poor as Philippines, I’m wondering how that plays out in terms of insurance and rebuilding…