66% relevant

by Jinryu

… is a pretty low score.


I love the fact that, compared to ten years, ago, you can find a video about just about anything on the internet now.  This makes a lot of Do-It-Yourself projects and education in general much more accessible.  Video is just a great medium for a lot of these things.


I remember however being at a historic library tour (yes, I’ve been on library tours) and the curator was explaining some of the significance of changes in information media.  For instance– the jump from clay tablets to scrolls was huge.  You could suddenly keep incredibly more information in one place– and you didn’t have to worry about dropping and breaking your document!  Similarly, the jump from scrolls to books was a huge jump– for one thing, you didn’t have to painstakingly rewind a book every time you were done with it.  You cold leaf through it quickly to get to where you wanted if you knew it was in a certain order, and that was a huge advantage over having to twist your way through a scroll.


Online videos though?  GOD they annoy me so much.  Perfect example– I want to watch a 1.5 minute video, and the first 30 seconds is just the trailer for the company who made the video.  Internet in my apartment is shared with 3 other people and it’s not lightning fast to begin with, so the ridiculousness of having to watch 30 seconds of epic music, slow motion montages and buzz words is just infuriating.


Yes, you could fast forward– but how would you know how much?  Overshoot, and you’ll be buffering for another 30 seconds before realizing, and having to estimate something in reverse.


I guess it’s not a huge problem, and the fact that it takes me like 5 minutes to watch one minute of content is ridiculous.  But this issue is two fold– home internet in Sydney is ridiculously slow in my area, and secondly, content makers need to stop engaging in what is essentially video masturbation by inserting 30 second trailers of themselves doing other things when I just want them to teach me one specific thing.


The internet speed thing, I can actually live with that.


It’s the cultural part of that second point that really bothers me.  Trust me– make some good content? I’ll find out who you are and follow you.  The trailer really doesn’t add anything.