Today in the Papers

by Jinryu

… as in, paperwork I have to do:

  • Fill out apartment application form.  Unlike the relative ease of finding places back home from my experience, every time you want to rent something in Sydney, you need to go through this huge formal process that involves references from employers, personal friends, mutiple proofs of ID to add up to a certain amount of points– they even require bank statements and payment slips for the last month.
  • Fill out VISA forms.  Hong Kong needs to give the green light for me working there.
  • Finish writing a paper due in a few days.  This has been tricky,  because my teacher has been slow about aprooving my essay topic.

Because I lost my HTC Desire HD a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been in the dark about… well, everything.  My life being as busy as it is, I really need to stay organised, and one of the main ways I’ve always done that has been through extensive scheduling and cloud computing.  But having lost my smartphone, it’s been a bit of a struggle.  As nice as the flagship Samsung phone is, I ordered a Nexus 4 because I’m on a budget, and the reviews seemed pretty positive in general.  Hopefully it gets here sooner than later.