Civilization 5

I recently have been playing Civilization 5, since I’ve run out of PS3 games to play.  Civ games in generally are pretty fun.  I used to play the older Civs on PC years ago, but the most time I spent was playing FreeCiv (a Linux version of the game).  I love hex-based strategy games– from my start back ages ago with Panzer General and Allied General, I think these games are what got me into military history.

I was looking into a mobile version of the game, and came accross some interesting reviews.

I loved this game but After the last few upgrades there has been a serious bug in the system…
I noticed that my opponents was advancing at a incredibly fast rate making it impossible to win.
A challenge is nice but sudden Matrix abilities is ridiculous.
I played one game and suddenly they had a galleon at 3400 BC??!?
Cruisers at 2000 bc???
My opponents are on the moon before Christ was born!
This game is now screwed up.
At first I thought I needed to purchase the extra features… So I reluctantly did it..
Now it’s even worse!
If my opponent has Matrix abilities, so should I….
The game is currently NOT playable!


That said… the PC version of Civilisation 5 is one of the buggiest PC games I’ve ever played.  It’s got a lot of great concepts, but the gameplay experience is really lacking in a number of ways.  It’d be akin to having all awesome stuff of a high performance car under the hood, but then the car’s actual look is terrible, like all rusted, and the steering wheel and seat are super uncomfortable.  Seriously– fixing bugs and smoothing out gameplay through beta testing is the easy part.  You’ve already got the difficult conceptual parts done– all you had to do was take the extra little while to really polish it!  Instead, Civ 5, despite being one of the more fun strategy games out there, gets a downgraded score in my book because the gameplay experience is simply illogical or infuriating at times.


Among some of my gripes:

  • There is absolutely no reason why a turn based strategy game of graphics like Civ 5 should be more of a system strain than a beautiful RTS like Starcraft II.  That’s just nuts.  I’m not a programmer, but it smells like lazy coding or something.
  • The shortcut keys are so arbitrary– some units have single letter commands, others have ALT or CTRL commands.
  • If you click something while it’s not your turn and are unlucky enough that it becomes your turn while you were checking something out, the screen might scroll with you in “move mode” or “attack mode” and the next thing you know, you’ll me marching someone off to their death.
  • The “Next Turn” button doesn’t always actually mean the end of your turn.
  • Clicking the “Next Event” button doesn’t always immediately work– sometimes it lags so much that you can do entire other actions, then suddenly you’re getting spammed to death by Stockholm saying that they want you to build a road to their city or something. And you’ll get that message X amount of times, where X is the amount of times you clicked the button just hoping to get the next turn button.
  • What’s up with workers building road mazes?  Are they drinking on the job or something? Can’t trust auto-workers.
  • AI is a huge pain in the ass– higher difficulties doesn’t atually make the opponents smarter or more strategic.  It just gives them mathematical advantages that are, at some points, absolutely game breaking (see the above review of the mobile version).
  • Diplomacy with AI opponents could have been seriously improved.  As it stands, dimplomacy is mostly a waste of time because all the AI players are complete egomaniacs.
  • In game hints (the mouseover descriptions) are often pretty badly or ambiguously worded, so you’re not quite sure what the actual effect of something is.
  • There needs to be some method of understanding ranged combat terrain modifiers.  Nothing worse than positioning things around a mountain or forest and then figuring out that you can’t actually use artilery on a city below, but they can fire at you.
  • Oh GOD if you’re going to make a game this addictive, at least put in more music!


Despite all that, the game is still pretty fun I guess.