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Connecting the Dots

What goes on in my head every now and then when I don’t want to bike to school.



Commuting by Car

  • Cons: Situational: Need to own a car first
  • Cons: Situational: Need to have a driving license (I don’t)
  • Cons: Economic: Car Insurance, bleagh!
  • Cons: Environmental concerns of using a fossil fuel
  • Cons: Environmental concerns of the car itself, and the fact that it’s simply very hard to get rid of a car once you’re done with it
  • Cons: Road rage
  • Cons: Economic: Car value depreciates really quickly
  • Cons: Psychological: I’d probably be too tempted to speed and try and drift, based on my experience in videogaming.  That, and due to cycling and gaming, I am unable, from experience, to have myself anywhere but centered in a vehicle (as opposed to right or left hand drive).
  • Cons: Economic: Parking
  • Pros: Convenience of deciding when and where I want to go and being able to act on it.

Commuting by Public Transport

  • Pros: Much better lifting capacity than a bike
  • Pros: Less sweat than a bike
  • Pros: Cheaper than a car overall
  • Cons: Still relatively expensive in Sydney compared to other public transportation jurisdictions.
  • Cons: Unreliability of service.
  • Pros: Environmental: Better efficiency than a car
  • Cons: Having to sit with humans shoulder to shoulder, or to stand with other humans armpit to armpit

Commuting by Bike

  • Cons: Rain. Snow.  Headwind.
  • Cons: Requires significant amounts of food.
  • Cons: Health: Safety is markedly reduced compared to public transport or a car.
  • Pros: Health: Keeps my weight down.
  • Pros: Economic: Saves me the price of a gym membership.
  • Pros: Significantly faster than public transport during most situations (usually half the time of public transport during rush hour, and at least as fast as public transport during off-peak hours)
  • Pros: Environmental: Almost no impact
  • Pros: Fun factor
  • Pros: Training carries over to other activities
  • Pros: Health: Low impact method of significantly reducing my risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Pros: Economic: Parking
  • Cons: Economic: Park anywhere you want and the bike might get stolen.
  • Pros: Beating other cyclists with better bikes up hills
  • Cons: Road rage
  • Cons: Getting “doored”
  • Cons: People jaywalk right into you without looking because they assume if they don’t hear a car that they’re safe.

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