Xanga 2.0 Review: The Incredible Shrinking Xanga

by Jinryu

Soulfire’s got a pretty comprehensive look at the whole Xanga drama, which many former Xangans can’t help but love to hate.



Xanga has reached the two week mark of its return as “Xanga 2.0” and not much has changed in improving user functionality.  It continues to operate far below what “Free WordPress” offers.

Summary of Xanga 2.0 w/WordPress engine issues:

1) Not able to directly comment on replies. You can leave a comment on a blog, but not directly reply to a comment made. The exception to this is if the comment is made on your blog, you can reply using the WP dashboard feature, but it’s not intuitive, nor convenient.

2) Your username isn’t “linked” (clickable) to your website- which means someone has to formally type out your full Xanga address to get to your site if they wish to visit on seeing a comment made.  There’s a workaround for this, but again, it’s inconvenient and non intuitive, as well as a potential security risk.

3) Spotty notification of replies…

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