by Jinryu

Thursday last week, I saw someone get hit by a car.  She probably shouldn’t have been trying to jaywalk 6 lanes on a busy road at night.  She bounced pretty far, even though the car wasn’t going that fast.  Lucky for her, despite flying off the car and landing on the pavement, she didn’t seem to be in any immediate danger.


The shocking part was that one of our friends, as soon as she saw the impact, just ran across the road, as did 2 other people… into oncoming traffic.  I consider that to have been pretty stupid as a reflex, because really– what are you doing to do for someone who was just hit by a car?   What’s the rush to get there so quickly that you endanger yourself?


After I saw that the person was in an okay-ish state and that someone was on the phone with the ambulance, I took snapped a picture of the plates of the car that hit her.   I guess the interesting part about this whole thing was that I wasn’t even excited, my heart rate hadn’t even gone up.  I was more annoyed at the large crowd of people who were just standing around looking at her like a zoo animal.



  • Life is potentially short.
  • I’m not against jaywalking, but I do think it should only be done when it’s actually safe.