Suit Up!

by Jinryu

I sparred with someone yesterday who was smaller than me, but who had 2-3 years more experience than me at judo.  In groundwork, he had an interesting tactic– he wasn’t fighting to win, he was just fighting to drain my energy and wait for a mistake that he could capitalise on.  He was really effective at it, and his game plan of slowly but gradually frustrating me to make me more reckless was quite effective.  Interestingly enough, this is the sort of strategy that I normally use, but I was completely sucked in to it.


Tonight, I’ve got another cocktail evening sort of clerkship event. I have to remind myself that it’s game time– these are the networking events that are opened up to first round interview candidates only.  Basically, the calibre of contenders in the room has risen dramatically from the open-to-public events before invitations.

It’s easy to forget that the process is a marathon, not a sprint– I need to keep my morale up and my game face on.