by Jinryu

The peculiar thing about debt is that once you have a certain amount, you don’t really care too much or notice when you get more.  Before I started law school, I had more savings than almost all of my friends, and even some of my family– but studying overseas has changed all that.

  • Recently paid rent, which for a month in suburb-ish Sydney costs a bit short of $900 (all prices in CAD/USD/AUD, which are all roughly equivalent).
  • Paid my school fees, which are just short of $20k for a single semester, not including books (note: I never buy textbooks, I go and read in / borrow from  the library instead to save cash)
  • A bus pas costs almost $50 per week, which I need on rainy weeks (can’t bike) or when I have to go to clerkship events (need to wear a suit, thus can’t bike).
  • Paid $32 for two copies of my academic transcript (for clerkships) which is absolute highway robbery…
  • Spent about $60 on skincare related things (specialised eczema ointments and lotions) to pretty myself up before these final interviews…
  • Bought a new knee brace for about $70 (an older is more or less useless now)
  • Bought a set of padded compression shorts with built in cup protector, to replace my old one which broke a few weeks ago (I don’t even know how I managed to break a jock strap…)

Weigh that against the fact that I essentially no longer work for the German Law firm, because my schedule doesn’t match, and that means there’s a hella lot more outbound expenses than there is income.  However, I suppose I am playing a long term game here, and so it should all pay off in the long run………

But seriously, $32 for transcripts?? That’s just kicking a man when he’s down.