Allocating Skill Points

by Jinryu

So, I just played a game of baduk on the internet because I figured it would be more stimulating than some alternatives. I lost a game… against an 8 kyu player.  Which is pretty embarassing.  The strongest I’ve ever gotten at this game so far was 6 kyu– which means that normally, I’m supposed to be able to beat this 8 kyu bastard by giving him two free moves.  But I lost the game by 4.5 points.  And I thought I was going to lose by about 30.


There’s two problems there, and they’re sort of interrelated. The first is that I lost– which I shouldn’t have.

The second was that I estimated the score difference at about 30 points– which is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy off.  The thing is, if you can’t properly estimate in game how much of a point difference there is, then you don’t know how aggressively (higher risk) you want to play.  I played that game like a madman because I thought was losing by a wide margin until the very end, but it was probably inappropriate and I might have saved myself if I had played 4.5 points safer somewhere.


I guess this is too be expected… I haven’t really played much go at all lately, since the club closed last semester.  Tomorrow will be the first day the club re-opens, but even so, my time to attend it will be quite limited because of all my other obligations.


I guess I’m not all that sad, because frankly, if I was more sad I would spend more time on it.  I’m not someone who thinks that I can blame or attribute failures and successes to anyone else but myself when it comes to time management.  True story: you can’t have everything.


On the plus side, I’m a 4 kyu at judo.  That doesn’t make me any better at baduk, but if I do lose, I can throw the board that much better!