Game on, assholes!

by Jinryu

I had the most epic dream last night. I can’t remember the details, but it involved solving a murder mystery, tied in with breaking a child adoption / people smuggling ring.  Oh, and it also involved me using kung fu in a massive Chinese banquet brawl.  Some of my adversaries were using chopsticks as throwing weapons.

A few people I knew were in it.  [CM] was like my operator, kind of like an exasperated Cortana role, telling me codec-style where I needed to be and whose asses needed kicking. And then there were a bunch of new faces, familar-ish but not people who I know personally.  Probably people from judo.  [Zanshin] was also in it, as was [T-Bird].

When surrounded by enemies with just one or two allies, I remember saying.

“Alright you motherfuckers, lets do this!!”

“What the fuck man!” asks one of the allies.  “Who are the motherfuckers? Us, or them? Like, are you pep talking, or threatening? I don’t even fucking know!”

“It doesn’t matter! This shit just got real! Game on, assholes!”

… or something like that, and with a battle cry I initiated a fray of titanic legacy.  I think at some point, I actually broke a baseball bat in two with a kick.  Sometimes, I feel so much energy that a purpose doesn’t matter– burning it is all I need to do.


It was all very ridiculous, because that’s what dreams are like.  Especially mine, when they’re good.


I haven’t been having this sort of dream for a long time.  I’ve mostly been sleeping dreamlessly, with that feeling that as soon as I blink at night, sunlight is suddenly everywhere as if I had just hit a switch.  I think it’s the subconscious stress of clerkship applications.

However, that all changed a bit yesterday.  Although I’ve racked up 4 rejection letters so far, yesterday, I managed to net invitations to first round interviews with a couple Australia’s most famous law firms. This could be the chance I’ve been waiting for.  It won’t be easy.  The planned progression: pass first round interview -> pass cocktail evening “this is not a test” test -> pass second round interview -> get clerkship -> get grad job -> get work sponsorship -> get work visa -> get permanent residency.

But well, at least, I’ve managed to stick a crowbar in a couple of doors.

Needless to say, I’m fucking pumped.