Bowtie Muscles

by Jinryu

Bow ties

Somehow over the years, despite being right handed, my left shoulder has caught up in terms of injuries and is now worse than my right.  Which, I suppose is mostly irrelevant for badminton, but less good for judo.  So when [CM] and I were set to go to the annual Med Ball gala event, and I was trying to learn how to do a bow tie, it took me about 40 minutes of experimenting and my shoulder was hella sore afterwards.
It’s getting colder in Sydney now, so I actually feel an ache in my shoulder sometimes when I wake up in the mornings.
Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be taking time off of judo to concentrate on finals.  Not only that, but there’s one firm that is now accepting applications– but their process doesn’t accept CVs or traditional statements.  I basically have to come up with some random but awesome thing that will make them want to hire me.  (I’m considering making a video game, to set myself above all the others).
Hopefully during the time doing intensive desk monkey stuff, my shoulder heals up to full working order, but well, that’s rather wishful thinking since I know rotator cuff damage when I feel it.
Ah, to be young again!