Pink Slip

by Jinryu

Hi [ItGuy],

Sorry for the late reply– like you, lots of stuff on the plate!  As a general note of professionalism, and this has to do with all your life endeavors and not just Go club, don’t wait for people to chase after you before telling them you can’t do something.  It’s just good “office etiqutte” that if you’re not going to be able to do something, you let others know.  If you had told us sooner, we could have moved ahead with quite a few things, instead of always waiting for you to show up on the assumption that you’d be able to catch up– which is an assumption we’re entitled to have, considering that you took up the executive position.  Bottom line– you need to communicate better with the team.  There’s nothing wrong with not being able to do something, but there is something wrong with not telling a team that you can’t do something, and just dissapearing without a word while work piles up.  As I said– this isn’t just about Go club, I hope that you think of the other teams who rely on you in the same way.  You’ve been removed from the exec roster for this semester. 

I completely understand that things out of our control lead to being less free to deal with extracirricular activities– I have a pretty heavy plate myself so I feel ya. You are more than welcome to come by as a regular member or, if you have time to commit, as an exec next semester, pending re-election.  Thank you for all your work so far, and good luck with everything!