by Jinryu

I just found out about this:


It’s an interesting idea– basically, it seems like if you have a “shitty” browser, you can run a google chrome emulator to simulate using chrome securely from within your normal browser.  It’s not very useful for my particular circumstances, so i haven’t actually tried it out, but it’s an interesting idea.


Linux suffers the problem that the more emulation solutions they provide, for example, by supertweawking Wine configurations, the less incentive there is for developers to actually work on native Linux support (since emulators will do the work anyhow).  In that way, emulation works like a double edged sword.  Ask any game developper if they’re working on a Linux version of their game, and you’ll probably get a shrug and a “why bother?”


For Google Frame though, I think that the situation is a bit different, and it could probably work in their favour…


I think that one of the problems with studying too much in a certain way is that you get so much in the habit of emulating areas of study (and what teachers expect you to write) that you kind of lose track of what you actually think.  As in… you get so caught up in gaming the assignment that you forget who you are in the assignment, and why you even care about taking this class (or this area of study) in the first place.  Layer upon layer, framing is a cool thing because it demonstrates a robustness of our brains and personalities– we are worldly people if we can see things from other peoples’ points of views.  But at a certain point, do we stop and wonder: who am I?