Back to School

by Jinryu

Today is the first day of classes for me for this semester.  I have 3 classes only, since I took one during summer.  Hopefully this will allow me to balance some reasonable quality of life into things.

The major media company I work for part time, Fairfax, is apparently having some financial woes– my department at the Sydney building was relocated to temporary mobile “pods,” meaning we’re working on laptops in other departments, and no longer have a dedicated physical department of our own.  Our previous space is being sublet to Google, in order to get some money back.

Interesting times.

Google was, to me, an internet messiah when it started developing all of it’s initial services.  Now, its services are so pervasive that it’s hard to imagine what things would be like without Google. Things I use Google services for:

  1. My personal email
  2. My Law Society email, my Baduk Club email
  3. Many of my personal documents (Google Drive) as well as many of the Law Soc and Baduk Club documents
  4. Calendars for all of the above
  5. Website Analytics for the National Children’s Youth Law Centre (to determine traffic trends and stuff)
  6. My Android phone (contacts, photo backup, etc)
  7. Adminstrative features for Law Soc (managing other peoples’ lawsoc accounts, calendars, etc)

In short, there’s a shitload of information of mine and of others that Google has access to.

Ominous? Unavoidable? Dangerous…?