by Jinryu

I’m up early today to make some final preparations.  Still a bit sleepy, but the UNSW Baduk Club (of which I’m President again this year) will have a stall running, and I need to go and set it up.  I don’t particularly like this kind of duty, truth be told.  I’m not the kind of personality to stand there and try and entice you to join something by calling out to you.  I often wonder how those people seeking donations do it, but I guess like telemarketing, it’s an acquired skill.

I think the club made huge leaps and strides last semester– we really whipped it into shape.  As with any organisation though, there are hiccups though.  One of my officiers, simply put, is dragging his ass, and I’d like to have him fired.  He ran for vice president but I specifically blocked this from happening because I knew he was lazy, but he still managed to get a position as the O-Week coordinator, which he hasn’t been doing well at all. In fact, I don’t think he’s done anything yet…

I kind of feel like having a talk with him, but only after O-Week.  Thing is, if he shows up to help man the stall, we still need him for that.  His lack of initiative for everything else is the problem.
  And I find that it’s not just that I am dissapointed in him as an officer of the club– it annoys me on a personal level to know people with his kind of character.  I guess I’m a bit OCD like that.  I never really considered myself OCD about anything, but now that [CM] mentioned it once, I’m starting to think that I might be more like my dad than I think.


Anyways, aside from manning the stall, and yelling at crowds to come join, most of my week will be spent playing and teaching Baduk– which is something I quite enjoy.

I’ll probably take the day off judo.  I injured by neck last week, to the point where every fall I took was sending a pain up my back.  It’s compounded by a shoulder injury.  I really would like to go to judo today, because starting next week, I’ll have very little time to go because my school schedule conflicts with my judo club’s schedule.  But well– this far down the road, I guess if I learned anything it should be to respect my body’s need for recovery time.