Death and Taxes

by Jinryu

I’m filling out my Australian income taxes return.  On the whole, it’s less complicated than the way things are done back home– I don’t have to file a provincial and federal return, and the forms are easier.  It’s just a bit confusing, because a lot of the terminology is different from back home.  For example, the RRSPs (registered retirement savings plans) are called Super (Supperannuation).  Small things that can throw one off.  It’s tedious, and it’s like… 8 months late (I didn’t realise I could have filed as early as last june) but it’s finally getting done.  I like how the online system walks you through everything, step by step.  Much better to have this all in hypertext than in a bunch of paper manuals like back home.  I mean, yes, you could file online in Quebec, but you had to pay for specialised software– here, it’s free!


More work I do on my “day off.”