Entertainment Digest

by Jinryu

Wreck -It Ralph (movie):

For a gamer growing up in the 90s, even casual ones, this is a great movie.  It’s probably the movie I’d recommend most of the last few months.


Muvu Alternative: Total Eclipse (anime):

It started off really interesting and strong, got worse, and ended terribly.  Avoid this one at all costs.


Kenshin (Japanese Movie):

Based on the hit manga/anime, this movie came out at the end of 2012 and is terrible.  Avoid at all costs.  I’ve both read and watched all of the original Kenshin.  While I thought the entire second story arc was kind of lame, I thought the series redeemed itself with the OVAs.  However, this movie is just bad– it tries to do too much and acommplishes too little in one movie.  There isn’t enough character development, and the acting is terrible!  Soundtrack? Awful as well.


Girls and Panzer (Anime):

Very lighthearted random fun.  Nothing to get addicted to, but it’s an original idea.  Not sure where this series is going yet.


Game of Thrones (Television Series):

Just finished season 1, and started going into season 2.  It’s… interesting.  I wouldn’t say I love the series or that I must know what happens next, but I can see from the violence, the costumes, the European accents, nudity, etc makes people think it’s great.  My main reason for thinking that it’s not great is because there is no progress.  As in– people start off at a certain state– and they spend a lot of time becoming more and more miserable. I mean, people suffer more and more and more, more people get killed, people become more hostile… and given the current direction of things, I don’t really know who I want to win. Basically, from the way things are going, I don’t see any outcomes that I would like.  Ideally, I’d like the little girl to grow up and just kill everyone, but I don’t know if that’s possible.  So I’m not sure I need to see more.


Suits (Television Series):

Lots of fun.  Season 2 was better than Season 1, although I think in real life, it’d be impossible to work at a company like that.  It’s just way too hostile!  However, their trials and tribulations are my entertainment.


Downton Abbey (Television Series):

I’m not too into this, but CM loves it. It’s got a certain charm to it, and the costumes and stuff are really nice.  The reason I’m not into it isn’t because the series is badly written– I just don’t like people who are really rich and know it, and worry about their rich problems.  In that respect, the series is pretty well crafted in showing the differences in personalities and problems of different classes.  It’s historically very interesting, especially since I”ve actually visited a manor in Virginia at some point.


Soul Eater (Manga)

Looks promising… I like the art style.  It’s very hip.  I’m not very far into it yet, but it seems quite light hearted and character driven.


Witch Hunter (Manga)

Also looks promising– reminds me very much of D.Gray Man, but less serious.  Similar to Soul Eater.


Abraham Linchon: Vampire Hunter (Movie)

Not worth seeing in theatre.  It has a few really fun action sequences (which clearly show that it’s by the same director as Wanted) but aside from those fight scenes, the rest of the movie is quite painful except for hardcore B-Movie fanatics.


Magic Mike (Movie)

Surprisingly, better than I thought.  If this movie had come out in the 90s around the time of Breakfast Club type movies, this would have been a huge hit.  As it stands, the presentation style (and the acting) for this movie today is a bit outdated for today.  Watch it on DVD if you like beefcakes.  Personally, I just have this compulsion to watch Matthew McConohugh in any movie he shows up in. I don’t know why– he’s usually pretty sleazy, and his role as head stripper here doesn’t change that.


Tropic Thunder (Movie)

This is a bit older, but I saw it again with [Campbell] and [CM], and it’s STILL GOOD.