Workplace Decorum

by Jinryu

Last week there was a Christmas party for the law firm I work for.  It was a really good dinner, complete with a myster Kris Kringle gift exchange.  I got a snazzy pair of Logitech noise-cancelling earbuds, which is pretty good considering that the max for gifts was $20 AUS.  It was a two stage event– we started off at a Bavarian pub, and then worked our way to a fancy restaurant.


I think that one of my colleagues may have had too much to drink.  We were both sitting at the same table as one of the senior partners (and his wife, who is the office manager) and one of the junior partners.  My colleague basically has a “junior” position in the firm, more or less the same as me.  Anyway, the problem was that at some point she started getting a bit confrontational with the junior partner in charge of our work– and proceeded to call her assignment a lousy, boring assignment.  Then she said, “jokingly,” that she hated the junior partner.



The junior partner tried to deflect it with a joke by saying that usually people figure that out within 3 hours, let alone 3 weeks (which is how long we’ve been working for him).  But she didn’t let it go, and for the rest of the evening just kept taking stabs at him for how much she thought her work was unfairly boring.

“[Jinryu]’s project is so more interesting!  Why can’t I do something like that?”

Err… WHAT.  Why are you dragging me into this??


Word of advice to everyone: drink responsibly at your company party.


Otherwise, you might end up like that Japanese guy in Heroes who is trying to kill jump off a building because of what he did last year.