Entertainment Digest

by Jinryu

Sword Art Online (anime):

Season 1 was pretty good!  I really enjoyed the mechanics of the universe.  The stories were short, and a lot happened in each episode.  Almost every episode felt like it had ended too soon, and I always wanted more.  Season 2 is total shit.  It turned a marvelous gaming-life analogy into a story of quasi incest and irrelevance.


Total Eclipse (anime):

It started off pretty strong.  I liked the fact that the world was so desparate and bleak– within the first few episodes, so many characters had been brutally offed by aliens!  Quite graphically, might I add.  But then, the series started getting a whole lot less serious for some reason– to the point where it feels like it’s just another male mecha pilot protagonist with a harem vying for his affections.  Been there, done that. Yawn.


Naruto (anime):

The whole Shinobi Alliance filler season is garbage.  That’s all I can say.  The manga continues to be interesting and innovative here and there though.


Suits (American Television Series):

I just finished watching season 2, and it was better than season 1!  Honestly though, I can’t imagine working in such a hostile environment.  That, and Mike is, in my opinion, a total whiny indecisive douchebag.


Game of Thrones

I have, as of yet, never seen an episode or read a book of Game of Thrones.  [CM] and I will be starting on that this weekend, so we’ll see how that goes.