The Beat Goes On

by Jinryu

I was briefly at some Wentworth Park community thing earlier.  It’s some sorta family day out sorta thing– there’ll be tug of war, some games, hot dogs, there’s a band, and there will even be dog races.


The band caught my eye, because it reminded me a lot of being in band myself.  The kids there were about the same age as when I started playing drums too.

There was a junior band and a senior band.  They had a good sound.  You could tell from the way they played that they lacked confidence and real fighting spirit when they were doing their solos, but when they were playing in unison, you could sense that there was a full bodied regality to it.  I was paying attention mostly to the drummer.  He was getting bullied by the bass player I think, the bass player kept on trying to attack make the tempo more aggressive.  But all in all? They were pretty good.


Before I left, I paid my compliments to some adults in charge of the band, telling them that they had lots of potential and that I was really impressed at their technical skill, given their age.


I hope they get the chance to take their music further.