To Do List

by Jinryu

  • Fill out aplication form for Law Society administrative position, Editor of “The Brief” [done]
  • Do groceries [… sometime soon, since there’s nothing to eat]
  • Wash Laundries [… sometime soon too, since there’s nothing to wear]
  • Finish Litigation Motions Assessment Review, due Tuesday [Probably halfway done]
  • Prepare for Litigation presentation, due Tuesday [10% done??]
  • Finish Advanced Legal Research take-home exam, due on Wednesday [slooooow progress….]
  • Stretch / recovery exercises in preparation for badminton tomorrow [arg! ]
  • Fill out application for Law Society secretarial position [haven’t even looked at it yet…]
  • Finish Taser Research paper, due… very soon! [shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit]
  • Think of something to report at the Go Club AGM for induction of new executives [I’ll just wing it, whatever!]
  • Judo, thursday [we’ll see if I have time to go…]
  • Start preparations for Litigation and Criminal Laws exam, due in 1 month [0% progress]
  • Find an article for Property 2 take-home exam, due in 1 month [spent 3 hours, but still 0% progress…]

On a side note, I find it amusing that basic Ubuntu / Mint “print to PDF” functions basically break anti-printing protections on “protected” PDFs by default.