Then and Now

by Jinryu

I remember when I was young, one of the first airplanes I ever took was when I was probably between 10 and 12.  We went from Calgary to Montreal.  I don’t remember it being a miserable experience, but it might’ve been.  Then again, I do remember the road trip from Montreal to Florida– and we got through that with books of word-find puzzles and childrens’ activities books that my parents bought from somewhere.  Those things had literally hundreds of pages of things to do, so I guess it wasn’t that bad.


I sit here in Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney, waiting for my flight to Los Angeles, where I’ll take another plane to Chicago and finally back home to Montreal for [Zanshin]’s wedding, I’m on my netbook.  I have my smartphone plugged in and charging and I use free WiFi.  Times have changed over the decades, haven’t they?


Yet some things, technology doesn’t change, very much.  Like wanting to go back home every now and then, and for one, for good reasons.


Zanshin is the friend with whom I have the longest history with, out of everybody I know, and it’s an honour to go back and be a best man.  I will literally be spending more time on airplanes (a total of about 4 days in the air) than I will on the ground (I only have time to stay in Montreal for 3 days, before needing to head back for the next semester), but it’s a good reason to go back.  It really is.


Okay, well all I need to do now is come up with that 6 minute speech…