All Tomorrow’s Parties

by Jinryu

Listening to: Journey, Trial by Fire  (to get my epic on)



I did a bit of training yesterday with [Campbell] down by the riverside.  The middle knuckle of my left hand is bruised for some reason, and it’s annoying.

Hosting the in the afternoon Baduk Club.  I got a fair amount of schoolwork done this morning, so I think it’s a much deserved break.

When I get home, my cousin is cooking dinner for all of us, and then [CM] and I are going on a date, probably for San Churros!  They basically make these deep fried donut-y things, which you dip in chocolate sauce.


Badminton !!! Yes, I’m going to be playing badminton in the morning with [CM] and some of her classmates.  I played once about two weeks ago with the same group.  That was the first time I’d played badminton since about 2007.


I sometimes find it hard to believe that, although badminton played such a central role in my life in Montreal 1.0, it’s really an auxiliary thing to me now.  When I went to play with CM three weeks ago, it was fun to get back into it– obviously, I’m not in as good form as I used to be, but in many ways, you never really forget.  It takes a while for the muscle memory to shake the dust off, but as each teachnique unlocks, it’s like revisiting the past.  Before the end of the day, I was in the spirit of my old self– yelling out “GO!” and “NICE ONE!” in the tradition of my old captaining of the RsM teams.  I love it when the players spontaneously cry out in joy or dissaopintment– when people are letting their emotions vocalise, and when they’re willing to push their bodies in pursuit of a point, that’s something special.   The players I’m with are a bunch of casuals, who would probably be only D or E grade players by Badminton Quebec national standards (I’m not even sure if there is an E grade).  But, they seem to be genuinely enjoying their time on the courts.  I don’t think they realise how great a time in their badminton “careers” they’re in right now, when the game is innocently fun and exciting. 

Then after badminton, it’s off to school until 9PM.  The highlight of the classes will be a moot in class, where I’ll be trying to convince my class that a personal assistant who had an accident slipping in a parking lot during a break away from work should GTFO with her claim for workers’ compensation.


Working at the legal centre.  I’ve been given a “promotion without promotion,” as in, more responsibilities, but without more pay.  The thing is, I’m a volunteer, so…

Anyways, in light of [Secondee]’s finished contract with the centre, there’s usually a new solicitor who steps in– but this time, there isn’t.  She’s got no replacement.  As a result, several of us are being designated “Team Leaders,” and we essentially do the organising solicitor’s tasks for the day!  It’s actually more of an administrative role than a legalwork related one, but still… that’s pretty cool, I guess.  I mean, I never have to take work home with me, so having to do a more complicated thing at work doesn’t really bother me too much.  I think it’s definately something advantageous to bring up in the interview though.



THE INTERVIEW with the firm.  I don’t really have much to say about this, because it’s exhausting just trying not to think about it.  The interview is at noon or so.

In the afternoon, at about 14:00, I’m going to the Baduk Club because I’ve organised a special event– the Austrailan National coach is coming to our club to do a seminar.  Last time he was here, he played something like 7 simultaneous games and crushed everyone.  I look forward to seeing him again.  I’ve gone to his Baduk Academy a couple of times and it’s always been inpsirational for me.  Especially when I get stuck at a certain level, he usually gives me a few ideas to work on which change my gameplay significantly.  It’s going to be funny, because I’m going to the club straight after my interview, so I’ll be wearing full “corporate attire.”  Meaning, the almost $600 dollar outfit that I had to spring for to do the cocktail evening and the interview.  It’s a bit overkill, even to meet the Aussie National Coach, but still.  Good for shits and giggles.




Just class, thank god.

After class, going to a going-away party for Secondee, partly because she’s been really helpful during the applications.


Work at the newspaper company.

Gonna see a dance production with CM afterwards in the evening.

Might go to [RW]’s party briefly to make an appearance, since he’s really given me so much mentorship throughout the whole clerkship application process.


On the seventh day, he rested.