Hoist the Colors

by Jinryu

3 exams down– 1 more to go. 

It’s 14:05 Sydney time, and I’m in a computer lab at school waiting on a classmate to finish some flowcharts. After that? We begin an attack on a  set of practice exams for Contracts 2, the only thing that stands between us and freedom!


The reality of exam situations is that you probably learn more in the days coming up to an exam than you do in the entire semester.  I’m not sure if the whole “exam period” model works… and I’d probably get into that, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m so braindead right now.  This morning, I made some finishing touches on a set of notes for the class, which I compiled through the combined works of [DilligentB], [CaptainK] and myself.  The notes come down to 80 pages total– the indexes alone are a handful of pages.