T mch smplfctn n lw

by Jinryu

I hate it when people write incomprehensibly.  It’s a huge problem in the law field.  It’s not just that people speak “legalese”– the problem is that people are just sloppy writers who don’t take the time to proof what they write.


For example, here’s something typical you’ll run into:


‘simple ground’ possession good title vs all but the true owner- plaintiff daughter’s heir entitled to succeed.


Jesus Christ!!  You could take the extra 30 seconds to write a PROPER sentence, couldn’t you? Where did all all the VERBS go, motherfucker!  What he meant to say is:


On the ‘simple ground’ that possession is good title against all but the true owner, the plaintiff (daughter’s heir) is entitled to succeed.


I know I’m guilty of my fair share of spelling mistakes, but using “simple English” is really important to me.  That means small words, short sentences, effective punctuation, and active verbs. Does it really, REALLY pain you so much to write in coherent English??


Oh great, here’s another one:

Mandamus action by executors of Clissold to compel Perry (Minister of Public Instruction in NSW) to make valuation of certain land compulsorily acquired by Crown for purpose of erecting school in order to pay executors compensation for acquisition (at time of possession owner was unknown and Clissold took possession without title)

 I mean, seriously– where’s the fucking PERIOD?