Jolt Nights

by Jinryu


While I was in Katoomba, Australia, I ran across this stuff on the shelves: Jolt Cola.

As far as I noticed, this stuff was taken of the shelves in Montreal.  For those of you not familiar to it, it’s one of the earliest super-caffeineated drinks, becoming mainstream in Montreal way before Red Bull started “extreme” culture and started “giving people wings.”


When I was in high school, there was a long tradition of “Jolt Nights.”  On thursday nights, [PolishStallion] and I used to stay around High School for the hours after school until band practice started at about 7pm.  Usually, we’d go down to the cornershops of Montreal West and buy some Jolt Cola.


I’ve never been much of a caffeine person, and to this day, I don’t even drink coffee.  There’s a reason for that– caffeine makes me hyper.  If I have a coffee at 6pm, I can’t sleep until 2 in the morning. You can imagine the effect it would have on me and my metabolism, and my brains, when I was in highschool, at approximately half my current age.

It started off as just PolishStallion and I, but Jolt Nights eventually started spreading to a much larger circle of friends and it is one of the hallmarks of my memories of growing up.

They say that kids do stupid things when they’re bored– and this couldn’t be closer to the truth.  I don’t even know how we came up with half of the activities that we did.

One of them was a game of catch– we played with marbles, basically pitching them back and forth down the length of the empty hallways, seeing if we could score goals on eachother.  We stopped that game when one day the marble hit a door frame near where I was going to intercept it.  The marble cracked into glass shards, and nearly took out my eye.

And then there were “Darksabers.”  With bamboo poles, foam pipe insulation and some electrical tape, we made swords.  I claim credit for this invention, because it was long before I discovered that fantasy roleplaying groups did something similar with full suits of armor.  We did basically the same thing, but minus the armour.  It’s also part of our memories that PolishStallion actually had taken kendo (“way of the sword”) lessons in his youth, and beat the tar out of us.


Oh, and lets not forget playing hackey sack on the gym roof– an activity that we abandonned one afternoon because someone’s foot actually went through the aging roof.  Being the sensible people that we were, we all abandonned that hapless friend in the middle of the roof, for fear that the whole thing would come down.  (He got away fine though.)




On the whole, “Jolt Nights” falls under the category of experiences, “youthful indiscretions.”  When I look  back at things, there were tons of crazy things we did.  They shaped who I am, that’s to be sure… I guess I’m just thankful that I survived growing up.  Well, if only to be placed where I am now, which is in a position to grow up further I guess.


It’s unfortunate that the internet more or less “didn’t exist” back then as we know it today– it would have been cool to have been blogging back then, and to meet a younger version of myself.