Upkeep Round

by Jinryu

Not much to report. Spent most of Sunday and Monday doing self-maintenance:

  • groceries
  • cleaning up the apartment
  • catching up on a bit of reading for class
  • finally set up WiFi in Mint Debian (I’ve been running Windows 7 in school because  I didn’t have time until now, and man…… the lag, the laggggggggg)
  • finally set up the school email account on my mobile for the first time since IT borked the Microsoft Exchange server at the end of last semester (no more missing library due notices!)
  • put together the newsletter for the Baduk club, and work on content for next week’s

Things I still need to do:

  • Return a crapload of library books (which are… apparently, due today. At the very least, I don’t feel too bad about paying library fines to a public library– it’s for a good cause)
  • Get passport photos
  • Get a passport
  • Book some flights
  • See John Carter
  • Prep my notes for midterms



I reassert that I need a secretary.