Xanga Connections

by Jinryu

Whut the heck, I guess I got some sorta props for being a versatile blogger! This was actually done a while back, but I keep forgetting to finish this post, so it’s coming out like a month after the award has basically lost all relevence. In any case.

@Consignedhearts111 tagged me for it. And yes, I’m really late on this. I’ve been reading her blog for, I dunno how long tbh, but it’s one of those slice of life blogs that I really appreciate, and I catch up on every now and then. It’s the sort of blog that reminds you that there other people out there who are alive and doing things, as opposed to a blog that just feels like you read a newspaper about events that really have nothing to do with me or anyone I know in any meaningful way. Thanks for the award!

So in a true chainmail fashion, I guess I’ll adhere to the rules of the game…

Here’s how the award works:

Thank the award giver and link them in your post.
Share seven things about yourself.
Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs that you enjoy reading.
Contact your chosen bloggers, let them know, and post the award picture.

Here are people who I think are the most interesting reads on Xanga. Almost none of them are recent finds, just so you know… they’re mostly longtime reads. They might be even surprised that I do read– I almost never comment, because I read and post mostly via email (almost never log on to Xanga directly). Note that these are things that I recommend others read. Some other blogs might be really personal (wouldn’t make much sense to the general public), even if I do read them, so I didn’t put them here. There’s more than I could put on this list, so don’t anyone feel left out, it’s just hard to think off the top of my head about usernames from email.

@visual_noise (one of my all time favs)
@Vitamin_D (it’s nice to see some people who have a real passion for martial arts)
@Agent_Eric (not updated as much as it used to)
@mi1kandcerea1 (one of my favs)
@lelandwong (one of my all time favs)
@wutuwaitn4 (every now and then)
@flashlivesforever_29 (no longer updated, but used to be a fav)
@greenhighlighter (no longer updated, but used to be a fav)
@PulsarBabe (no longer updated, but used to be a fav)

Seven Things About Me:

1. Life, to me, is a game.
Kind of like Scott Pilgrim, I guess. I look at the world in terms of probability and dice, and gaining exp and learning skills. I take an open sandbox approach to things and feel that the most fun way to get something done is the unorthodox one. I’m not creative in the sense of producing lots of stuff out of nothing, but I am someone who pays attention to the mechanics of systems and tries to find backdoors. I also make decisions based on dicerolls weighed against dicerolls, D&D style, in my head.

2. I’m a law student…
… but I’m doing my best not to be evil. I think I’m better placed to keep to this rule than a lot of my classmates, because I have working experience and didn’t just start this Juris Doctor straight out of undergrad. I’ve been around, I guess, and I’m not too driven by the big bucks– and I know for a fact that I can survive with very little money.

3. I play like a bajillion instruments, but none of them well.
These include, among some others that I’ve forgotten: piano; drums (both ‘sit down’ drum kits as well as in military band settings); bells/glockenspiel; timpani; trumpet; euphonium; harmonica; guitar; and most recently, I’ve tried to pick up violin. About a couple of weeks ago, [CM] and I bought a keyboard, so there are plans to get better at that.

4. I watch almost any kind of movie.
Action, B-Movies, Chick Flicks, Dramas, whatever. Actually, the only movies I tend to consistently not enjoy are film festival winners. To me, film festival winners very often (but not always) equates with “mirrors reality to the point that it lacks relevance.” I’m a particular fan of Sandra Bullock, Nicholas Cage, and John Cussack, because they always entertain me.

5. I’ve been agnostic for a long long time, but I have quite frequently to attended mass (various Christian denominations) for various reasons.

6. I don’t have a driver’s license, and if I had my way, I’d probably never get one.

7. My memory is least of all visual. That means I have difficulty remembering images or visuals… things like peoples’ faces, for example. I recognize much more often by the way they walk. I’m also not good at remembering dates– but I can trace events in my own history in tandem with music from Final Fantasy from the relevant year.