Sydney Transportation

by Jinryu

Written last Wednesday
Public transport in Sydney is shamefully inadequate. Traffic is just so terrible that it’s hardly worth anybody’s time. Today, I had to leave my bike at school because of pouring rain– I’m writing this on a bus, having already spent 1 hour and 18 minutes on busses. By the time I get home, I will find that I might as well have just waiting an hour for the rain to pass, and then ridden home. I would have gotten home at about the same time, and I would saved myself: 1 hour and 40 minutes of aggravation; about $6 Australian in bus fare; 1 hour to do other things at school.

I should point out that this is all even considering I was using an “express bus.”

It was a huge mistake for me to take the bus home today, and I have nothing but regrets. I know I have a good thing going for me with my bike– it’s reliable, and in my control. And though it was raining, I should’ve known that the rain in Sydney tends to exhaust itself after a certain amount of drama.


I was running the Baduk club this afternoon, and that was fun. There’s a definite difference between playing people in person versus playing them on the internet. I would say that in the right company, playing in person is way more fun, especially when you have a group of students as otaku and as energetic as the group I play with.

I think, in a good way, that playing here will take me to the next level. There’s an interestingness to the confrontation of seeing an opponent that just isn’t replicated through playing online.