by Jinryu

So, today was the last day for the O-Week stall for the Baduk Club. That’s a relief– standing out in the open for over 7 hours per day is pretty tiresome.

It was surprisingly fun though, and we got some good results. We signed up 75 new members on Monday, and about another 50 or so between Tuesday and Wednesday. That’s pretty good considering we had a terrible location, and that, well, it’s baduk. It’s not exactly the most popular passtime out there.

We ran the workshop after the stall closed today. At the workshop we were basically teaching beginners how to play, and that was fun in it’s own way– I think I learn a lot by teaching the game, so it was as useful for the n00bs as it was for me.

I look forward to just the regular club seessions though. I mean, although I’ll still be doing largely the same thing, it’ll be without the 7 hours on my feet!