by Jinryu

[CM] is off to Hong Kong and Malaysia for the next 3 weeks or so, so for a while, I’m going to be staying at the apartment all alone, without any of my three roomies. I haven’t lived alone, like, truly alone, since I was in South Korea. It’s going to be rather strange to sleep in a bed alone, and basically cook for just one person again.

I’ll take advantage of the situation though to get back in shape. I did what I thought was a long run today, but it was only actually 3km or so. It felt a lot worse than that though. I’ve mostly been spending the holidays eating like a king, so maybe the New Year is a good time to get back in some sorta routine. Unfortunately, I really, really hate jogging for some reason… so I was thinking of maybe getting a punching bag and using that for cardio?

We’ll see.