by Jinryu

When I was younger, I never used to give blood. Well, part of the reason was that I wasn’t all that big a person to begin with, and I had problems with nosebleeds and headaches. It just didn’t seem like that good an idea. When I got a bit tougher, I didn’t give blood, because I told myself that “I worked really hard to build this body, why should I share my blood?”

But those were early years before I worked in a hospital. In retrospect, after working in healthcare, I was simply selfish in my younger days. I mean, I still am– just that I was more so back then.

I did try giving blood once when I was in Montreal, but that didn’t work out because there was an insane amount of paperwork and to be honest, I just didn’t care enough. It’s surprisingly easy to do in Australia though. The process is way more streamlined. So easy, that when one day I figured “why the hell not, lets see what happens” I was totally sold by how nice the staff was, and the size of the free milkshake and cake they gave us afterwards. Not to mention the unlimited cookies. Okay, so maybe I’m still selfish.

[CM] and I are going to be giving blood tomorrow at Town Hall. It’s the second time we go. To commemorate the occasion, we bought one of those water filter jugs. (We’re supposed to have something insane, like 6 glasses, to drink, before giving blood.)

When we finally find out a place to permanently call home, I’m going to enjoy shopping, piece by piece, to build up the things that make up a home. A water filter would be one of them.