Regarding Apple

Random Notes on Mac

The idea that we should have to pay over 30 dollars per month on cellphone bills is absolutely ludicrous. I’m not sure what the situation is like in the USA, but in Canada and Australia, that’s pretty standard I think. If you’re doing anything with a data plan, you’re more than likely paying over 50, actually.
At present, I’m using an iPod touch for my communications needs. That might sound strange—but between having Wifi at all my workplaces, at school and at home, I just don’t need a phone. Everyone nowadays has facebook on their mobiles anyway, it’s pretty much the same thing as using SMS. I even use my iPod to do calling—video-calling via Skype. I also use it on a weekly basis to call back home, using LinPhone and a Montreal VOIP account. KIK messenger handles the instant messaging. Emails, calendars, all that, it’s all covered too.

I guess what I’m getting at is this: why are people so eager to throw away money? There’s lots of free software solutions out there. It takes a bit of tweaking of lifestyle, sure. But there’s lots of ways to go about life just not spending so much.

I have mixed feelings about being a Mac product user to be honest. I’m not denying that mac did a lot of really cool things for the computing world—but generally, I try to be an ethical consumer and Apple’s track record is a bit sketchy at times. The whole issues of multiple employee suicides at iPhone manufacturing plants in Asia comes to mind. That being said, it’s hard to say which tech companies are truly less sketchy—I just know after reading “I, Steve” at the library that Steve Jobs, though brilliant, sounds like a total asshole.

On the other hand, apparently Bill Gates is in Sydney—he was asked to comment on how Jobs, before his death, made some comments about Gates being uncreative and never having contributed anything useful to the tech world. Gates’s answer was along the lines of “well, back when I was chairing MS, MS accounted for a much larger proportion of the machines out there than MacOS. It’s natural that Jobs would be hard on us. I respect him a lot, and I think that he’s done a lot of great work during his lifetime.”
Really classy. Not surprisingly so, actually, despite the bad rap that MS products get (including people from me); everything I read about Gates seems to suggest that he’s a pretty nice guy.