by Jinryu

Next semester will be kinda full. I’ve only got 4 classes, but with the Go club and the Faculty Rep thing going on, along with a part time job… it’s packed. I’ve made sure that I’ll have some free time for myself– a couple of days per week, I only have one class, and I’ve got wednesdays off– but I’m kinda saving those for random things.

It’s really hard to resist renewing my internship at the NCYLC. The work there is really interesting and challenging. But frankly… I don’t really want to schedule my one day off per week. The kickboxing club wanted me to promise I’d be there too… but time is on such short demand! In the past, I’ve always had the bad habit of signing up for too much at once.

There are so many things I want to do while I’m studying law here… so little time though.