by Jinryu

So, it’s finally summer break in Australia. Been working and volunteering. Not too much interesting.

I think of those sorta ‘life simulation’ or ‘dating sim games’ where you’re trying to maximize your stats by doing the most efficient activities in the time you have per day. That’s pretty much me right now– I’m trying to basically level up in a bunch of areas, with a sideline of making money to buy gifts. Kinda like what you do in the Persona games.

Thing is, in a game, you hit a button to “work at the theatre” or “spend time studying” and that’s it– it’s done. But in real life? You don’t get to just lapse the 6 hours you spend doing the actual deed. Makes you kinda wish sometimes that I had a remote control like in Click (The Adam Sandler movie) where I could fast-forward the boring parts and skip to all the interesting stuff!