Grab Bag

by Jinryu

Time: 11:45 Sydney time
Location: UNSW Law Library Computer Labs
Batteries (me, not my computer): 25%

I’m kinda amazed that I’m still awake. I was up until 2am finishing the midsemester assignment for Contracts Law, and I woke up at something like 6am. I think it was because I was worried that I would sleep through my alarm or something and miss the 9am in-person submission deadline.

I’m pretty exhausted, but after attending contracts class this morning I felt like it was worth getting out of bed. About a week or two ago was the midsemester break, when we were off for two weeks. Our contracts class is behind schedule, so the prof basically told us to read an entire chapter of the book on our own, and that he intended to skim it at lightspeed when we got back from the break.

It was a grueling chapter. I spend a fair amount of time reading through it, doing a bit of background reading and even hosting a study group to try and compare notes with everyone. By the end of the endeavour, we all had agreed on what we thought the cases meant… but especially in Contracts, the legalese is very finicky when it comes to the meanings of words. We left that study session wondering if we were even in the right ballpark, since our opinions had swayed so far over the course of the 4 hours.

The class today finally caught up to what we studied during the break, and to my surprise, most of the conclusions that we’d arrived at through independent reading were pretty close to what the teacher was saying. It’s not a big victory, and certainly not one that counts for marks– but it is something that gives me a great deal of encouragement that I’m not a total bonehead. Especially when you’ve been reading the same paragraph for the fifth time and you have no clue WTF they’re talking about, it’s nice to hear in the teacher’s words what you ultimately figured out.