cent 10 pour 100

by Jinryu

I got back the first paper I wrote a while back– was pretty pleased with the results. It was a mark of “HD”– high distinction– and apparently I was one out of three people who got that grade, out of 50 or so people writing papers. It’s a pretty good feeling, to be honest.

In general, I’m in a pretty good mood nowadays. [CM] is done with Med Review, and she’s also done with her exam, so things are at a bit more normal of a pace right now. I’m using the extra time to just fine tune myself– working on the papers due in a week (more already?) and getting into better shape at the UNSW Kicboxing Club. Actually, from now on, I’ll just call it Kicksoc (Kickboxing Society) since it’s an easier name.


I’ve been attending Kicksoc at least twice a week lately. Last monday, I got to engage in my first sparring match in years, with one of the most experienced members– [Regan]. Regan has a background in karate, kickboxing and muay thai. As far as standup fighting goes, ours is an incredibly fun match because we’re almost opposite sides of the spectrum. I stand about 5’7″, he’s about 5′– but he outweighs me, I think, by a good 30 pounds, so he’s built quite solid. He’s an infighter, while I’m an outfighter. It’s an interesting matchup indeed, because we are both eachother’s technical and physical opposites.

Oh, and I signed up for the Kicksoc tournamnet, which is an ongoing, week by week thing. Basically, matches happen about once per week or so, and then at the end of the semester, depending on your win ratio, a winner is determined. It’s an interesting idea, especially since the isn’t a matchup calendar– you have to challenge your opponent. The only thing that the tournament itself does is recognize the wins/losses, referree the matches, and adjust the points based on the weight class difference. I don’t know anyone there really well, so who would I challenge?

But I guess I spoke too soon– soon after I joined the tournament, Regan challenged me to my first tournament match.

It’s got me pretty pumped up to be honest– and a bit scared. We’ll be going 3 rounds of 3 minutes each, which 1 minute breaks in between rounds. Our match will be this coming wednesday, so there’s not much I can do in terms of boosting my fitness in time– and with the weight of my assignments, I won’t be able to get much drilling in. But I’ll do what I can to come up with a tactical analysis and drill myself in countermeasures over the next few days. I can also do something about my courage, maybe– which I feel has dulled over the years since I was in Numac.

It feels good to be scared again. I don’t just mean being scared in some nervous, immaterial way– there’s nothing quite like the fear that, one wrong move, and you’ll be on the ground choking through your mouthguard.

28 years of life, and that much I know for certain.