Can I Be The Hero?

by Jinryu

About a week ago, I downloaded a PSP game called Prinny: Can I be the Hero? The gameplay itself is infuriating. It’s too goddamn hard, and I mean, in a way that puts it up there with Contra for NintendoDS. I don’t say a game is difficult lightly– I’m a gamer— but this game is just crazy.

It’s less than 10 dollars in the PSN Online Store, but I don’t think you really need to play this one.

The story though is a familiar one. You play one out of 1000 Prinnies– a lost soul, living in the underworld, incarnated in the form of a penguin, bound to an existence of servitude to devils on account of crimes in a past life. Normally, a Prinny’s daily charge is menial labour for their diabolical overloard, Etna (from the Disgea series of tactical-RPGs).

In the case of this particular story arc, you’ve been charged with finding the ingredients to the Ultra Dessert.

Yeah, life is tough. If you play the game on Hell’s Finest, you did with a single enemy contact. If you play in Normal you have 3 magic scarves that absorb a hit each, but the game is still ridiculously difficult– it should be a hint that this is no ordinary platform jumper where you start with 3x lives. This game knows that you’re its bitch, so it gives you 999 lives to start with. It’s very much like playing a fully developed, market-polished version of Mario Frustration (look that up on Youtube if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

I’ve finished about 90% of the game, and oftentimes I wondered why I bothered… but, asanine as the gameplay may be, I find the story cute– and strangely microcosmic of the real world.

Maybe that’s why I can’t stop playing it.