End, Book 1

by Jinryu

It’s 6:07 AM, Hong Kong.  I’ve had maybe three hours of sleep tonight.

In about 5 and a half hours, I’m on a plane back to North America.  [CM] is in bed next to me.  I’d like to think that it’s a great strategy for me to stay awake as long as possible so that I’ll sleep more on the plane, but that’s not why I’m up.  I just can’t sleep.

I’m in an emotional limbo right now.  Don’t feel sad or unhappy… I mean, I do.  But I’m not breaking down.  I just feel… empty.  Maybe in a good way?  CM and I have been talking a lot in the last few days about my eventual departure date, and I think it was really therapeutic for both of us.  I think we’re handling this well.  As well as we could be expected to, given the circumstances.  We’ve had our moments of weakness, but CM has really been supportive and strong for the both of us– all those reasons I love her for, she’s still all that and a bit more every time I falter.


I’ll head back to Montreal.  The plan is that she’s going to have to wait a while longer.  I need to finish these two grad courses finally, go back to work, spend some times with family again and talk.


We need to figure out how to get me job in Australia.


Postings about my 5 weeks in Asia will follow!