by Jinryu

So much eating going on.. it’s crazy.  Hong Kong has a lot of practical things that you just don’t find in North America… for example, in some car parks, each stall has a little indicator light above it that’s either red or green, depending on whether or not there’s someone parked there (there’s a detector) so that when you’re coming up on a floor, you can tell from a distance if there’s any spaces.

And of course, there’s the Octopus card– the equivalent of South Korea’s T-Money, it’s a rechargeable cash card that works anywhere from public transit to local restaurants.  Forget coins!


I’m finding it beyond great to be with [CM].  As I type this, she’s sleeping in bed… I should be working on my papers while she’s still asleep, but sometimes all I end up doing is watching over her or lying down beside her.  I wonder sometimes how it is that she sleeps so much– she often sleeps 2 or 3 hours or more than me per day.  I also wonder what life would be like sleeping with her everyday was … well, everyday.  The fact is, this is a vacation– this isn’t my normal world.


But it feels like this is normal.  It’s strange but for the past several months that she was away, that always felt out of the ordinary– working everyday, going home, studying… that slave routine, well– it always feels good to be productive, you know?  But what’s all that money and education for anyway?  Where does getting ahead in the world get me, what am I saving and climbing my way for anyhow?  And the answer is quite simple– it’s a life, like this, where I can kiss her good morning, even though she’s alseep and can’t hear me.